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                 Customers Testimonials and Pictures of Unpainted Parts

Misha 911 is company dedicated to producing the highest quality parts for your Porsche and providing you with excellent customer service.
All our products are made of highest quality hand-laid fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) and designed, molded, and manufactured in California, USA.

As you can read from testimonials we are recognized in Porsche community for excellence in design, quality, fitment and customer service. We guarantee that our wings & body kits will perfectly fit on your 911 exactly the same way they fit on all the cars you can find in our galleries.
Before it is shipped, each wing is test fitted on the appropriate 911 decklid to insure perfect fitment. Therefore, in past 3 years, we never had unsatisfied customer - or ever had single return.

The following testimonial and comments by our customers that you have chance to read here are copied from most popular Porsche forums and can be found on either 6speedonline or Rennlist. Again, all the pictures of wings and body kits seen in our galleries are photographs of our actual parts installed on our customer’s cars.

Instead of further telling you how great our products are we will let our customers and pictures speak for us.
Below the testimonials you will find pictures of all the parts in unpainted form. This would be exactly the same way you would receive them from us.

Testimonials from 6speedonline Porsche forum members

6speedonline member id

PTarga   - Justin, Porsche 996 Targa  - Silver
This is the Misha GT2M wing. Fitment is perfect. There are no seams, anywhere. My body shop said it was the highest quality wing he's ever seen. Installation is simple with included step-by-step picture CD. Misha is a class act and a pleasure to deal with.
Misha GT2M. Looks awesome, top quality.

Doug H   - Doug, Porsche 996 Turbo - Black Cab
Got my new misha wing
Finish looks great compared to stories of other Fiberglass options. This thing looks pretty much ready to paint with very little or no prep worked needed.
I just wanted to thank Misha for his excellent fast service and what appears to be a top notch product so far. I really dig the wing.

yyzc4s   - Faud, Porsche 996 C4S - White
Finally got around installing the Misha GT2 wing. Looks great. Thanks a lot Misha, a really stand up and honest guy.

c4bliss   -
Robert, Porsche 996 C2 - Black
So clean looking.. I have a misha wing as well and couldn’t be happier with the look, fit and construction. Misha GT2 wing for me as well. Excellent quality, and looks good.

SilverTTCab   -
Anthony, Porsche 996 Turbo  - Silver
Misha does excellent work!

boochook   -
Berk, Porsche 996 C4S  - Lapis Blue
Just wanted to post up some pix of my new GT2M wing on my 03 C4S. Gotta send a HUGE shout out to Misha for an excellent product and customer service. Got the wing within a few days and that thing was packed as though he was sending me a Faberge egg. No issues w/ the install and the paint and body shops both said this was a high quality product. Adds a new dimension to the car and have been receiving a lot of compliments. Here we go!!
Misha has deals going on all the time. You gotta get this wing, it simply installs onto your existing decklid in place of the retractable spoiler. GO FOR IT!!!!!

MANA   - Bill, Porsche 996 Turbo  - Yellow Cab
The Yellow car is mine. The wing works fine and has no issues. Fit and finish is excellent.

Itzkirb   -
Kirby, Porsche 996 C2  - Seal Gray
So we finally installed Misha’s Wing and I must say the fit it pretty good. Fairly easy to install just a lot of small bits you need to remove.
Misha's stuff is Top Notch!

Vince, iForged Porsche 996  - Blue widebody
Well I finished my last mods for SEMA, and will be leaving for the 4 hour drive to Vegas in about an hour. Misha Wing came out perfect, and it looks really good on the car. Best wing for 996 ever !

TimW.   -
Tim, Porsche 996 C4S - Red
Overall the wing is of great quality.
I really love the look. It is the perfect compliment to the car and I think Misha did one heck of a job on this. I was very worried as to how it would look. But once it was painted and installed I love it.

Benny, Porsche 996 C4 - Black Cab
Thanks Misha... I really like the wing, and yes I do get more looks now.

EM 996 GTS   -
Endra Porsche 996 Turbo - Silver
A cool GT2 style wing that still uses the hydraulics by Misha (996wings); excellent finish and installing it was easy too

cab4kw   -
Porsche 996 Turbo
It changes your whole ownership experience, especially looking in your rear view mirror. I got my from Misha (retains the factory hydraulic mechanism) and painted by Eric from bumperplugs. On the track, up to 140, it is very stable.

Karl, Porsche 996 Turbo - Yellow
Thanks Misha, I like the wing, well made...Highly recommend it!

jstrat85   -
John, Porsche  996 C2 - Red
The same goes for me! The wing is great and the service was great also! Thank you misha!

DeAd-EyE   -
Omar, Porsche  996 C2 - Silver
MISHA GT2 wing..I have it and love it, for style it looks fantastic.

alexskee  -
Alex, Porsche 996 C4S - Silver
I have the Misha wing on my C4S and it looks great....

Zuma 911   -
Tom, Porsche  996 Turbo - Red Cab
You can go to misha911.com and see all of his wings...they are beautiful and easy to install. Misha's a great guy to deal with. I found his wings to be among the best out there, and at very reasonable price, he is in LA. These wings are "prep'd" and ready to spray.

bumble996   -
Albert, Porsche 996 C2 -Yellow
Just wanted to drop a few lines and pics in regards to Misha's GT2M Wing for the 996.
First off, Misha's customer service is excellent. I was in the LA area (I live in OC) and asked to take a look at the wing prior to purchase. Misha and I met up at local Starbucks and he gave me a brief intro on his company and product. As far as fiberglass parts go, I was hesitant from the get go, but after seeing the piece in person - all concerns were erased.
The body shop that painted and installed my wing is the same place I've been going to now for 5 years - they've worked on Ferrari's, BMW's, Mercedes, etc...in particular, he's done a lot of Hamann, AC Schnitzer and TechArt body installs so I hit him up about the quality of the Misha wing as far as fiberglass parts go. He said it was definitely on par with the stuff he's seen from the popular "tuners" - and even better than a few! (Hats off to Misha for good fabrication). All parts needed for installation are included.
Overall Impressions: I'm very happy with this wing.

Testimonials from rennlist Porsche forum members

Rennlist member id

Itzkirb   -
Kirby, Porsche 996 C2  - Seal Gray
The Misha wing is very well made, great fit and finish.
I have to admit ever since I put the wing on the car gets MUCH more attention on the road.

Benjamin Choi   -
Ben, Porsche 996 C4S  - Silver 
Go for what u like. here's mine with the misha wing: fitment is spot on and paintability quality as good as oem.
Misha wing (what a great vendor)

Wyo996  -
Will, Porsche  996 C4S - Silver
I have the Misha GT2 wing on my C4S 02 and it was the only wing at the time that fit the C4S.(not counting the little baby wings that abound). It is rock solid and very well made. I also have the NR auto GT2 front bumper made of urethane and have rock solid stability at 165+. Will

DeAd EyE  -
Omar, Porsche  996 C2  - Silver
I put a MISHA GT2M wing on the back of my 996 and it was pretty DIY.
Paint matching wasn't an issue as the wing was of high quality and the paint shop knew what they were doing.
Let me say this: the MISHA Wing's quality is phenomenal for aftermarket.

Ray S
I have a Misha wing on my 996. It is a blend of the GT2/GT3 elements. I like the looks and the quality and fit is good.

C4Bliss  -
Robert, Porsche  996 C2 - Black
Misha.. I have the GT2M on mine, great quality and fit. Looks awesome...

Cool996  -
Porsche 996 C2  - Black Cab
I got the misha wing.... he is very easy to deal with and I like the way it looks/ fits, etc...
I think the quality of this product is great...

996Nick  -
Nick, Porsche  996 C2 - Silver
Misha wing came in very nice condition and only needed minimal finish work

Tim Wasmer   -
Tim, Porsche  996 C4S  - Red
I had one on my 02 C4S and loved it. I got one of the very first ones and the quality was good as well as the fit.

Doug H   -
Doug, Porsche  996TT  - Black Cab
Just got one of these and it is great. Very little prep work needed and perfect fit.

Pictures of unpainted Misha parts in exactly the same condition as you will receive them.
Misha GT2M wing for Porsche 996
996_GT2M_unpainted_1 996_GT2M_unpainted_2 996_GT2M_unpainted_3 996_GT2M_unpainted_4
996_GT2M_unpainted_5 996_GT2M_unpainted_6 996_GT2M_unpainted_7 996_GT2M_unpainted_8
Misha GT2 add-on  wing for Porsche 996 Turbo
996TT_GT2_addon_unpainted_1 996TT_GT2_addon_unpainted_2 996TT_GT2_addon_unpainted_3 996TT_GT2_addon_unpainted_4
996TT_GT2_addon_unpainted_5 996TT_GT2_addon_unpainted_6 996TT_GT2_addon_unpainted_7 996TT_GT2_addon_unpainted_8
Misha GTM1 add-on  wing for Porsche 996 Turbo
996TT_GTM1_addon_unpainted_1 996TT_GTM1_addon_unpainted_2 996TT_GTM1_addon_unpainted_3 996TT_GTM1_addon_unpainted_4
996TT_GTM1_addon_unpainted_5 996TT_GTM1_addon_unpainted_6 996TT_GTM1_addon_unpainted_7 996TT_GTM1_addon_unpainted_8
Misha GT2 decklid  wing replica for Porsche 996 Turbo
996TT_GT2_decklid_unpainted_1 996TT_GT2_decklid_unpainted_2 996TT_GT2_decklid_unpainted_3 996TT_GT2_decklid_unpainted_4
996TT_GT2_decklid_unpainted_5 996TT_GT2_decklid_unpainted_6 996TT_GT2_decklid_unpainted_7 996TT_GT2_decklid_unpainted_8
Misha GT2M wing for Porsche 997
997_GT2M_unpainted_1 997_GT2M_unpainted_2 997_GT2M_unpainted_3 997_GT2M_unpainted_4
997_GT2M_unpainted_5 997_GT2M_unpainted_6 997_GT2M_unpainted_7 997_GT2M_unpainted_8
Misha GTM wing for Porsche 997
997_GTM_unpainted_1 997_GTM_unpainted_2 997_GTM_unpainted_3 997_GTM_unpainted_4
997_GTM_unpainted_5 997_GTM_unpainted_6 997_GTM_unpainted_7  
Misha GTM add-on wing for Porsche 997 Turbo
997TT_GTM_addon_unpainted_1 997TT_GTM_addon_unpainted_2 997TT_GTM_addon_unpainted_3 997TT_GTM_addon_unpainted_4
997TT_GTM_addon_unpainted_5 997TT_GTM_addon_unpainted_6 997TT_GTM_addon_unpainted_7  
Misha GT3 wing replica for Porsche 997
997_GT3_wing_unpainted_1 997_GT3_wing_unpainted_2 997_GT3_wing_unpainted_3 997_GT3_wing_unpainted_4
997_GT3_wing_unpainted_5 997_GT3_wing_unpainted_6 997_GT3_wing_unpainted_7  
Misha GT3 bumper replica for Porsche 997
997_GT3_bumper_unpainted_1 997_GT3_bumper_unpainted_2 997_GT3_bumper_unpainted_3 997_GT3_bumper_unpainted_4
997_GT3_bumper_unpainted_5 997_GT3_bumper_unpainted_6 997_GT3_bumper_unpainted_7 997_GT3_bumper_unpainted_8
Misha GT3 rear bumper for Porsche 997
997_GT3_rear_bumper_unpainted_1 997_GT3_rear_bumper_unpainted_2 997_GT3_rear_bumper_unpainted_3 997_GT3_rear_bumper_unpainted_4
997_GT3_rear_bumper_unpainted_5 997_GT3_rear_bumper_unpainted_6 997_GT3_rear_bumper_unpainted_7 997_GT3_rear_bumper_unpainted_8